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Oct 2015
Danni Friedland
Oct 25 2015 05:42
hey, anyone here?
Danni Friedland
Oct 25 2015 06:05
i've some dns resolution issue
not sure if it's azk issue or osx issue
Gullit Miranda
Oct 25 2015 11:42
What's the problem?
Slobodan Mišković
Oct 25 2015 22:35
hey folks, i'm trying to change azk.default_domain on my staging server. My understanding is that if i set AZK_BALANCER_HOST before starting the agent. that i can put instead of When I did that, i see that it created /etc/resolver/, but it still appends for systems. Am I missing a step?
maybe this provides a clue:
$ export
$ azk agent start
$ ps a | grep azk-agent
 7970 pts/2    Sl     0:01 azk-agent
Gullit Miranda
Oct 25 2015 23:21
Hi @slobo, you changend you Azkfile.js?