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Oct 2015
Mauricio Klein
Oct 30 2015 13:05

Hello everybody!
A question, if you guys allow me:
Is it possible to access Docker server inside Azk?

I have a project which requires to start some containers on runtime, but when running from Azk, it seems that Docker server isn't not accessible.

Maybe create a docker image for Azk is a possible solution. If so, I can do that.

Thanks in advance!

Gullit Miranda
Oct 30 2015 13:11

Could you tell me a bit more than you need. For example, what system or what kind of system you are in need to perform?

You use Mac or Linux?

Mauricio Klein
Oct 30 2015 13:18


Well, first of all, I'm using Linux (Ubuntu).

The project I'm talking about is this one

This project, basically, reads a docker compose file and start all the environment automatically.

So, in my tests, I need to start containers and make some assertions about them.

What I'm trying to do right now is to access Docker server from inside Azk.

Currently, I'm making my project on Azkfile depends on the docker image, available on Docker Hub. However, it's still unable to find the Docker server.

I think this is the correct approach, so if you guys have a better idea, I'm glad to here :)

Gullit Miranda
Oct 30 2015 15:09