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Dec 2015
Slobodan Mišković
Dec 09 2015 21:49
is it possible to enlarge the VM disk size in OSX, or at least set it to bigger size on creation?
i tried VBoxManage modifymedium ~/.azk/data/vm/ --resize 50000
but got VBoxManage: error: Resize medium operation for this format is not implemented yet!
I take it this is since it's in VMDK instead of VDI format?
Slobodan Mišković
Dec 09 2015 21:57
seems so, found solution on stackoverflow, requires cloning the disk
Gullit Miranda
Dec 09 2015 21:58
Yes.It is the same that I see.
I asked @fearenales join the conversation as he went about doing several tests on disk optimization.
Felipe Arenales Santos
Dec 09 2015 22:05
@slobo It was a poor design decision on early days. We're aware of how using VDI format is better than using VMDK, and it's in our backlog to migrate from the former to the latter.
For now, if you can handle the issue by cloning and increasing the disk size, would be great. We apologize for any inconvenience.
Slobodan Mišković
Dec 09 2015 23:49
Slobodan Mišković
Dec 09 2015 23:58
ok, found where all the space is going to, cleaning up all terminated containers released 7GB
docker ps -a | grep Exited | awk '{print $1}' | xargs docker rm
i thought when starting containers that azk does docker run --rm, any idea how come all these containers get accumulated? Is it something with my dockerfiles, or how I'm starting/stopping them?