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Jan 2016
Slobodan Mišković
Jan 29 2016 21:14
@gullitmiranda that sounds interesting. what kind of things are missing from nfs that azk needs? are you already working on something?
Bartek Kus
Jan 29 2016 22:37
Also quick side question, has anybody been able to run socketclusters in virtualbox environment, I seem to have a problem along the lines of EPERM, which I'm not sure how to address... so far the only solutions are rather cumbersome and require to install the npm dependencies in normal native system like osx and then move them and chmod it... is there any more stream lined way to do so, I can't require end users to do so... tho I guess if I made a decent script for that purpose, perhaps... hmm.... However, if anybody has a better idea, I'd like to hear from them