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Feb 2016
Slobodan Mišković
Feb 21 2016 06:51

hey folks. we are having issues on Arch linux with

      Version : 0.17.0
      Docker  : 1.10.1
      Kernel   : 4.4.1
      Systemd: 229

We have a 23 systems in this one Azkfile, and while the host system and ulimit don't show anything that indicates we should be running out of resources, we invariably get failures before all systems are up. Messages differ at times (depending on order we try to start systems), but they all have in common that either a thread or process couldn't be started, sometimes "out of memory", sometimes just "resource temporarily unavailable". Nothing in journalctl shows any clue as to a potential limit or resource we are exhausting.
Tried downgrading kernel back to 4.3, docker to 1.9 and 1.8, and basically the same behaviour.
All this worked about a month or so ago, when systemd was 228. I'm about to try downgrading that too, but was wondering if you guys had any tips or tricks how to debug exactly what is failing.

(also, tried with azk 16.3, same thing)
Slobodan Mišković
Feb 21 2016 07:30
I just checked and going down to systemd 228 same problem, but going down to 227 it seemed to have worked. Now, on systemd 227 it wouldn't start my graphics for whatever reason, so perhaps not having those drivers loaded made a difference, but seems unlikely.
Slobodan Mišković
Feb 21 2016 08:31
ok, i think i'm onto something, seems systemd has DefaultTasksMax=512, and looking at systemd-cgtop i'm at 512 with docker service when it starts failing
Slobodan Mišković
Feb 21 2016 08:58
for anyone else running into this problem I did sudo systemctl edit docker and put this in there: