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Feb 2016
Gullit Miranda
Feb 27 2016 15:10
hi @willian. the env MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD is present in your Azkfile?
the mysql image was updated some time
but I saw that the suggestion is out of date. sorry, my falt :(
Slobodan Mišković
Feb 27 2016 21:10
hey folks, do you ever experience DNS requests for failing? It happens to me on both OSX and Linux occasionally.
failed: could not translate host name "" to address: Name or service not known
(error message is from our testsuite, it occasionally pops up in the middle of running, as if dns server fails to respond or something)
Bartek Kus
Feb 27 2016 22:27
for me that happens when I don’t have internet connectivity or all my wireless/ethernet adapters are in off state
Slobodan Mišković
Feb 27 2016 22:29
good point, sometimes on this laptop wifi flakes out... I'll keep an eye out if it's directly correlated