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Mar 2016
Slobodan Mišković
Mar 03 2016 12:49 UTC
i'll keep an eye on that ticket, thanks
now, i could have sworn this was working prior to 0.17, but on OSX (i.e. running in a vm), does file change notification not fire with path()?
Felipe Arenales Santos
Mar 03 2016 19:40 UTC
@slobo Yes, it does. There was no change on it for azk v0.17.0... Maybe you could try restarting the azk agent?
Ricardo Quintanilha
Mar 03 2016 21:01 UTC
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This message was deleted
Danni Friedland
Mar 03 2016 23:24 UTC
Hi guys
i'm experiencing a weird issue with azk+nodejs
if i do a full rebuild of all my services(about 10) it usually fails(and shutsdown them as well)
but if i run them 1 by 1, everything goes well(usually)
Bartek Kus
Mar 03 2016 23:43 UTC
probably your wait time is too short and the whole things timesout
maybe try like: wait: {"retry": 2, "timeout": 50000},
Danni Friedland
Mar 03 2016 23:47 UTC
tried.. the actual build fails on npm install
npm + docker is fragile in my experience
my question is, how can i run the start/restart --rebuild one by one
my shell powers are weak
Bartek Kus
Mar 03 2016 23:50 UTC
you can do azk start <systemName> individualy, and also azk shell <systemName> — npm run <npmScriptName> //or any other cmd line command