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Apr 2016
Everton Ribeiro
Apr 18 2016 16:27

Imagine a scenario with three systems: A, B and C, where A depends on B and C is "free".
Then, when I run azk start A, A and B systems are up. Now, if I enter azk restart without specifying any system and the restart would be just an alias for start and stop, the system C would be started without being previously started.

We've chosen for an approach where restart first verifies which systems are up, stop the specified system, and try to return to the same state it was before.

If this is the best approach, I don't really know, but this is the path we chose.


Everton Ribeiro
Apr 18 2016 18:29
@slobo, I'm sorry... I forgot to mention you in the previous message. As you can see, the azk restart command is, in fact, a little complex and there are trade-offs involved.
Slobodan Mišković
Apr 18 2016 19:52
ah, thanks for the explanation, @nuxlli. I wasn't aware that restart without [system-name] only acts on running systems, I just assumed it's meant to do stop (all) then start (all). I think current behaviour (esp when #530 is fixed) is good as it gives flexibility - I can do stop/start myself when needed :)