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Apr 2016
Slobodan Mišković
Apr 29 2016 06:50 UTC
interesting. could you elaborate more on what kind of state management would be needed?
Gullit Miranda
Apr 29 2016 12:58 UTC
we have not yet been decided how we are going to do this, but basically, we'll need to store the status of the systems somewhere. today we use the name to do this. this makes it difficult to have a sort of global status.
well that is the implementation was made prior to docker support the notations scheme
Slobodan Mišković
Apr 29 2016 18:51 UTC
Are you refering to storing the state outside of azk process?
I would have thought that when I say azk start, it can just fire off a few docker run commands asynchronously and then wait for promises to be fulfilled and when they come back, you would fire off more docker run commands to the systems that were wating for those containers.
I'll probably have to dig into the code to see why I'm being naive :)
Also, how about azk stop, would that one be an easier candidate for parallelization?