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May 2016
Danni Friedland
May 18 2016 09:36
Hi guys, i keep getting : Error: HTTP code is 500 which indicates error: server error - Driver aufs failed to remove root filesystem 23bd715d409a1114fac67588ee9de715728af453c1be467538ca4127b2db977e: rename /mnt/sda1/aufs/mnt/23bd715d409a1114fac67588ee9de715728af453c1be467538ca4127b2db977e /mnt/sda1/aufs/mnt/23bd715d409a1114fac67588ee9de715728af453c1be467538ca4127b2db977e-removing: device or resource busy
Slobodan Mišković
May 18 2016 22:11
@BlueHotDog: pretty much exact same thing happened to me the other night, restarting the agent put everything back to normal (azk agent stop; azk agent start)