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May 2016
Danni Friedland
May 19 2016 15:58
BTW how does azk play with docker for mac?
seems like the only needed piece is the load-balancer/reverse proxy
Felipe Arenales Santos
May 19 2016 20:19
@BlueHotDog about azk and Docker for Mac: we have to make several changes on azk to adapt to it:
  • Remove all logic from agent to handle the VM: we use VirtualBox and azk is responsible to manage it. Docker for Mac uses xhyve ( under the hood, but azk won't handle it anymore);
  • Create a profile at azk configure ( to properly handle local Docker directly on Mac;
  • Fix port issues, since those ports won't be related to the VM anymore;
  • Fix sync()mount option, since the VM won't exist anymore;
  • Test a lot!
Felipe Arenales Santos
May 19 2016 20:31
we're aware of Docker for Mac and its advantages and this is an important architectural migration for azk which should happen in a near future
btw, does @slobo 's solution worked for you, @BlueHotDog ?