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Repo info
    Richard Bradley
    @sigmap : thanks. I have fixed via the ~/.minttyrc file (rather than via themes), as described on that SU question linked above.
    Travis Raup
    so babun was the shell i was loving, until i got to docker
    the input device is not a tty. error.
    i also have to do the compdef fix every time something changes in .zshrc and it happens randomly
    Hi guys, is there a way to install Python3 in babun? I get a filepython3-3.6.1-2.tar.xz using command pact install python3.But what shoud I do next step?
    hi ,
    How do I use graphics.h in babun?
    Hi all, I updated python using "pact update python"
    but now running python, nothing happens
    nothing runs, no errors, no prompt, nothing
    any ideas?
    nvm, had to run the update.bat file
    Brian Miller
    does babun vLatest have a package for jq?
    also what ver of bash does it come with?
    Brian Miller
    damn, last message in here was on Jan. 26?? O_o;
    Brian Miller
    anyone alive?
    Dennis Rippinger
    @bkmdev Not out of the box, but you can easily install it with pact. Bash version ist 4.4.12
    is there a package for libimlib2-dev? I tried to find it through pact but cannot. Sort of need it for imlib2.h
    pact source from cygwin 's mirror ,so poor resource
    Hey folks, trying to download the babun for windows, it stops after downloading 222/272 KB, I don't know what is wrong. Is htere any other way to get it?
    how to install dpkag
    how to install dpkg-deb ?
    help me please
    node? node js?
    Does any one knows how to setup sendmail in zsh/babun. I install sendmail with pact (pact install sendmail). BUt I see no sendmail executable. Any pointer /doc how to setup sendmail?
    Patrick Schirch
    http://projects.reficio.org/babun/download is not available, any advice?
    HI, the download link does not work. Is there a mirror available ?
    @pschirch now it's working
    J Ryan Wagner
    has anyone ever seen this happen?
    when the shell comes up, it doesn't seem to know who i am, and i can't press enter
    nothing will make a command submit
    Hi. Is Babun alive? It has no commits for 3 years. Is it ok to use?
    @serii833 good Question
    Now the link to download the package is even broken
    @serii833 @r4d1um official github repo was updated recently : "PROJECT DISCONTINUED"
    I'm looking for alternative to work with git as windows or windows/linux users having to use git on their windows computer .... (maybe the sort of linux integrated by windows 10... WSL ???)
    the other git-bash and free adaptation seems lighter...
    Currently I'm using customized and outdated msysgit. Don't remember what issues I had with newer versions. Recently I've discovered Swan console.
    Swan console looks good. But I didn't solve all my customizations yet. And terminal seems to be laggy.
    Maybe some problems with my system
    i'll look when have 5 min
    any link/démo ?
    bof .. seems like a basic default cygwin with nothing preconfigured, espacially for git.
    And it's already slow at start ... and find zero doc on the product and how to use ....
    => Exit swan
    @dcpc007 what git features are you looking for?