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Jul 2015
Jeff McArthur
Jul 29 2015 03:58
@ndufreche I have git and composer and ssh access, but not vhost. Thats a big crutch for BackBee if you want to compete with WP or other CMS's that are used on tons of web sites for small companies or organizations that can't afford a VPS or dedicated server. Hope this can be addressed at some point in the future, just from the web site BackBee looks very promising. Thanks for the info, have a great week :)
Nicolas Dufreche
Jul 29 2015 08:23
@guategeek thank you for your interest into BackBee project. We know this problem but BackBee rewriting rules are a little more complecated than an Wordpress or other CMS. I know @mickaelandrieu it was working on a htaccess file but I don’t know if it has successfully solve this problem.