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Jul 2016
Jul 10 2016 15:02
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Jul 10 2016 15:27


Hi everybody,
I am a Drupal Developer using Acquia Dev Desktop as my working environment for web development,
and using the following below explanation, i installed BackBee on windows machine using Acquia Dev Desktop.
NOTE: the below explanation assume that you work before with Acquia Dev Desktop software.

1) Open Acquia Dev Desktop.

2) Create a new drupal site using automatic wizard and by choosing Drupal 7.50.
Site Name: "backbee" Database: "backbee"

3) When the site is fully downloaded, don't launch the local site URL.

4) Go to preferences of the software --> Config Tab --> and edit the php.ini file and uncomment the following:


And restart the Acquia Dev Desktop software.

5) Goto the local code and delete all downloaded file inside the folder "backbee"

6) Open the Drush console. (the one built-in inside the Acquia Dev Desktop software)

7) Navigate to your backbee site path (the folder newly created "backbee")

8) Type the following command:
composer create-project "backbee/backbee-standard" "1.1" -n
This will take arround 10 minutes to finish from downloading all files/folders.

9) Navigate to your Backbee website folder, you should find a new folder named: "1.1"

10) Go inside the folder "1.1" and move all folders/files to outside that folder.

11) Delete the folder :1.1 (Which basically after completing the step 9 the folder should be empty.

12) Go back to the Acquia Dev Desktop software and click on the local site link.

13) In your browser you should change the url from:
http://backbee.dd:8083/install.php to http://backbee.dd:8083/public/install.php
Adding the public folder to the url so the install,php file could be located.

14) Voila, Backbee installation wizard now should available in front of you.

But while follwing the installation wizard and reach the Step 3 - Database configuration
I always got the same error: Failed to connect to database with provided credentials.

so maybe anybody with more experience than me in BackBee could point me on why i am getting such error ?!
What is missing ?!

Thank you for any help and hope i could help somebody with the above.