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from a code point of view
seems like declaring additional variables right
since when i use the kvparser already
i tried renaming the kv parser key
which there was some issues
Kókai Péter
well it is going to have some performance impact, and even memory as that could store twice the same information
but dbparser probably going to be the most heaviyweight here
i see
Kókai Péter
btw in syslog-ng there is a parser called checkpoint, do you know that one ?
that does not seems to be for the firewall traffic logs
i saw
Kókai Péter
too bad :(
Its okay
i have fun playing around in syslog-ng
Hi again. Sorry for the trouble. I cannot specify two es destination with different names?
I am getting this errror
my log statements
Kókai Péter
hello, there is an option persist-name which you can use to specify different name for any destination
thank you for reply.
not sure what you mean
don't seem to find it in the documentation
oh wait
saw it
Kókai Péter
np :)
Henrik Grindal Bakken
@lbudai : I tried to set up a private conversation, but I can do it here if you wish
I added some debug to _release_dynamic_window(), and I get this:
[2019-08-29T14:11:44.933170] Releasing dynamic part of the window; dynamic_window_to_be_released='-100', location='#unknown'
[2019-08-29T14:11:44.933191] Releasing dynamic part of the window; full_window_size='0', location='#unknown'
[2019-08-29T14:11:44.933208] Releasing dynamic part of the window; init+window_size='100', location='#unknown'
Budai Laszlo
@hbakken : hi
Henrik Grindal Bakken
syslog-ng- <- tried this one
Jacob Bogers
Jacob Bogers
Attila Szakacs
@Jacob_Bogers_twitter Hi :)
Gábor Nagy
László Várady
@gaborznagy Hi, what's up?
Can I configure message dropping for a slow output? (specifically /dev/tty...)
Fabien Wernli
ccxcz: you can play with the queue size
László Várady
@ccxcz yeah, if you don't use the flags(flow-control) flag in your log path, messages will be dropped after the destination's internal queue is full (you can change this queue size with log-fifo-size()).
However, using this on a file() destination may be tricky, because we have flow-control enabled implicitly.
Jacob Bogers
I am at a loss, I want to replace on of the software components at work (node module uses posix bindings to "openlog", "syslog","setlogmask") with another package at seems to be more low level
we do use syslog-ng as a backend
the protocols are RFC3164, RFC5424, LEEF ,CEF ​​​​​​​