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Dennis Korotyaev
I'm interesting in 3rd and 4th ides, especially 3rd
As I've seen the topic for CNN task roadmap, you firstly want to take some trained model
It's not bad turn, but if you want to use these models for other datasets or improved current model
Dennis Korotyaev
It should to pay attention to transfer learning
Dennis Korotyaev
Can I discuss with someone about transfer learning or related issues with 3rd idea. There are some opportunities cut-off the head of current model and involve high-abstract features for accuracy increasing
Dennis Korotyaev
*sorry for some misstapes and other grammar issues
Dennis Korotyaev
I also can do some additional training for models via our university cluster if it necessary
Sreeram Boyapati
congratulations to all gsoc accepted projects
Deshraj Yadav
Thanks all the mentors for selecting me. Feeling great. :) :)
Harsh Agrawal
Congratulations everybody on a job well done. As a new organisation, the quality of proposals were abolutely brilliant and we had to make tough decisions. Since we only had three slots, we didn't have much flexibility however we are always looking for contributions.
I realize GSOC is a huge motivation to contribute to open source but Dr. Dhruv Batra ( assistant professor at VT) and our advisor was super excited after reading all the proposals. We can promise good recommendations if you want to contribute and are looking for some motivation. :)
If you have concerns, suggestions, questions, feel free to ping me / email me.
I will happy to answer.
hey can anyone help me with gsoc 2016?
Joshua Skrzypek
Hello there, my company is looking for a PaaS solution for doing object detection in displays. We're currently testing out running opencv algos in heroku dynos on our own, but since this is not our specialty we'd much rather find a cloud-based, third-party solution for this. I found this gitter via https://github.com/batra-mlp-lab/pcloudcv and the cloudcv.org website. I'm hesitant to go with cloudcv.org because of various privacy and security concerns. Does anyone have any knowledge about these issues on cloucv.org, or other cloud services to recommend?
Rohan Passi
Hi, I'm new and I would like to contribute, can someone get me started?
Sourabh Kondapaka
Hi , everybody , I am new here and interested in contributing , can someone help me get started ?
Manish Kumar
Hi , I am Manish , I am new here and interested in contributing , can someone help me get started ? I am preparing for GSoC 2016
Hey can someone direct me to the issues page and documentation , i want to contribute to cloudcv

Hello sir

I would like to take the opportunity to introduce myself Rahul Pandey, a junior undergraduate student pursuing Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech(H)) degree in Computer Science and Engineering at The LNM Institute of Information Technology, Jaipur, India which is one of the premier technology institutes of India.
My research work is concentrated on Computer Vision, Image Processing, Machine Learning and Data Science.

I want to devote myself in working on CloudCV.
Can anyone help how to proceed further.

Deshraj Yadav
Hi @pdrahul2 , we are happy that you want to contribute. You can get started with the ideas page https://docs.google.com/document/d/1lhz6gOJiU3Yoo0rm0AeHmxrSZ32TllSKzy5zqje8_s4/edit?ts=56d49716
Currently we are focused on these features. Do ask questions if you have any. :)
Bhavana Mahendra Jain
Hello everyone,
This is Bhavana Jain, B.Tech 2nd Year ,Computer Science and Engineering,IIT Hyderabad . I am currently working on Deep learning ConvNets and want to contribute to CloudCV. Kindly guide me in the next steps . :smile:

Hi everyone,

This is Vinay. Senior year B.Tech, majoring CS, IIT Guwahati. I am very much interested in the First Project described in the Ideas page. Anyone interested in teaming up ? (as there are two student entries). We can discuss along and proceed further.


Harsh Agrawal
Hi guys, please go through the project ideas and let us know what you are thinking and we can discuss next steps.
I would just like to point out that https://gitter.im/batra-mlp-lab/CloudCV this is the official channel
Let's try to have all the discussion there.
I am a bit interested in project number 3, can someone please guide me through that one.
How am I supposed to start contributing ??
Bhavana Mahendra Jain
Hello everyone,
I am interested in project number 3 (Research Oriented) as I want to learn more about deep learning (I am a beginner and ready to learn :) ). So, can someone please guide me in this ? :)
Hi! My name is Bulat and I want to work on the 3rd task from the Ideas list. I have some experience in JavaScript, performing machine learning (and other) algorithms in Python, work with OpenCV (build QR Code detector). No, I am learning machine learning theory for very interesting task - Identification people by their ECG, that's why I think it would be great to go deep in machine learning and create interactive tutorials on CloudCV website. Now I am studying in Udacity Google Deep learning and Computer Vision courses, playing with Torch, Caffe and Theano, with which I am familiar from great Nvidia Deep Learning course.
Implementing algorithms from books or papers is interesting for me, that's why I've build simple computer vision mini-library in C++, which includes histograms and their equalization, linear and non-linear filters, edge detection, blurring, sharpening images.
40h / week is okay for me to work with this task for the Summer
Can somebody help me to start? First, I think, I need to install CloudCV on my desktop
Hello everyone, I'm new here and will like to contribute. Could anyone please guide me through? :)