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Jan 2016
Robert Espinoza
Jan 15 2016 17:36
does this thing work for asking question about bayespy?
Jaakko Luttinen
Jan 15 2016 17:56
Robert Espinoza
Jan 15 2016 17:58
so i just started using bayespy this week, and its an awesome package so far. the one trouble i am having with it is saving the node objects. I tried saving a dirichlet node named R as follows:'fileR.hdf5') and get the following error:
255                     raise Exception("In order to save nodes, they must have "
256                                     "(unique) names.")

--> 257 self._save(nodegroup.create_group(
258 finally:
259 # Close file

NameError: name 'node' is not defined

and i created the dirichlet object as such:
R = Dirichlet(K*[1e-5], name='R')
any ideas as to why it is not saving?
Jaakko Luttinen
Jan 15 2016 19:08
good question. i'm not on my computer now, so i'll look into this tomorrow. a workaround is to construct VB object and use its save method.
at least i don't see anything obviously wrong in what you're doing so it might well be a bug
Robert Espinoza
Jan 15 2016 20:00
I had tried saving the VB object, and the same error occurs.