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Sep 2017
Rodrigo Gadea
Sep 06 2017 16:30

Hi Community!

Sometime ago, on a job conversation I was ask if I could implemened bayesian networks in Django. That lead me to search BN implementations in Python, and that's how I came to BayesPy.

I was amazed by your API and documentation, so that it inspired me to implement an integration between BayesPy and Django, that's how django-ai began :)

I wanted to ask your opinion and invite you all to participate in it, any suggestion, comment or contribution will be highly appreciated and welcomed :)


Jaakko Luttinen
Sep 06 2017 17:25
rodrigogadea_twitter: nice! that looks interesting!
Rodrigo Gadea
Sep 06 2017 18:28
@jluttine thanks Jaakko! :)