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Oct 2017
Marvie Demit
Oct 24 2017 13:22
hi @jluttine I am starting to use bayespy and I want to make a wrapper function fitting gaussian mixture for model selection.
def fitted_gaussian(N, n_krnl, D, covariance = 'full'):
# Input:
# N = Number of data vectors 
# D = Dimensionality
# n_krnl = Number of kernels
# Prior
P = nds.Dirichlet(1e-5*np.ones(n_krnl), name='P')
# N n_krnl-dimensional cluster (for the data)
I = nds.Categorical(P, plates=(N,), name='I')
# n_krnl D-dimensional components means
if covariance == 'full':
    # n_krnl D-dim component covariance
    mu = nds.Gaussian(np.zeros(D), 1e-5*np.identity(D), plates = (n_krnl,), name = 'mu')
    Lambda = nds.Wishart(D, 1e-5*np.identity(D), plates = (n_krnl,), name = 'Lambda')
    Y = nds.Mixture(I, nds.Gaussian, mu, Lambda, plates = (N,),  name = 'Y')
    # inverse variances
    mu = nds.GaussianARD(np.zeros(D), 1e-5*np.identity(D), shape = (D,), plates = (n_krnl,), name = 'mu')
    Lambda = nds.Gamma(1e-3, 1e-3, plates = (n_krnl, D), name = 'Lambda')
    Y = nds.Mixture(I, nds.GaussianARD, mu, Lambda, plates = (N,),  name = 'Y')
return VB(Y, mu, Lambda, I, P)
the problem is that I get this when I apply it with the diagonal; ValueError: The plates (2,) of the parents are not broadcastable to the given plates (10,).
How can I fix this?