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Oct 2017
Jaakko Luttinen
Oct 25 2017 18:00
Don_Chili_twitter: is n_krnl=2 and N=10?
Jaakko Luttinen
Oct 25 2017 18:12
Don_Chili_twitter: can't really test now but i guess the issue is that GaussianARD makes scalar gaussian variables by default. in principle, you should be able to fix it by giving ndim=1 to Mixture but i think it doesn't work atm. alternatively, you can create a diagonal matrix from Lambda by Lambda.as_diagonal_wishart() and using nds.Gaussian instead of nds.GaussianARD in
that is: Y = nds.Mixture(I, nds.Gaussian, mu, Lambda.as_diagonal_wishart(), plates=(N,), name='Y')
couldn't test though