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Repo info
    Bryan Maass
    For now I've found the workaround: (define-key global-map [(control c)(p)(s)(S)] (function helm-projectile-ag))
    Hi! Can anyone help me disable some syntax higlighting words in Ruby code?
    For example, 'MusicManager' is highlighed in garish pink. Probably there is a minor mode I can disable if I knew what it was. I don't believe it is flycheck.

    @bbatsov (and all), are you using web-mode? Each time I type into the buffer, the text is not auto-highlighted and thus not syntax aware.

    Commenting out this config (setq whitespace-line-column 80000) seemed to fix the issue.

    Han Tuzun
    how does prelude play with ergomacs? Can I install prelude and simply add ergomacs to my config.el file and hope that they'll work fine together?
    Michael Pankov
    anyone tried Prelude with 25.1 yet?
    does emacs 25.1 release ?

    @mkpankov @jiahut I’ve just recently updated to 25.1.

    The only problem I’ve found is the move-text-up moves the cursor one extra line upwards than it should, so you can’t do continuous moves (to move a line of text) as the cursor is in the wrong position after each move.

    Anyone else seen that? Or more importantly, have a fix?

    Jesse cogollo
    Hi there, How I can auto complete (reserve words) with js-mode using prelude?
    Jan Ehrhardt
    Is there a way in prelude to load a mode automatically on all source code buffers?
    Actually I would like to enable linum-mode on my source code, but (global-linum-mode t) would enable it everywhere.
    Pavel Argentov
    ppl, I have troubles with «moving lines up/down» thing. where to post a Q?
    Koustubh Sinkar
    @bbatsov Can you please have a look at these PRs:-
    1. (#999)
    2. (#1015)
    Compro Prasad
    After export of org to pdf, links are inside red rectangles. I want them to be blue but don't know how to do it from org-mode.

    Hi, I'm a vim user moving to emacs to develop in clojure.

    I have enabled prelude-evil mode to help me transition from vim.

    I need some help about how to unbind the arrow keys in insert mode, so they do nothing. Right now it looks like it's trying to execute some sort of autocomplete, and I get messages like: No dynamic expansion for ...

    Below are the modules I have active in my prelude-modules.el

    (require 'prelude-erc)
    (require 'prelude-ido)
    (require 'prelude-helm)
    (require 'prelude-helm-everywhere)
    (require 'prelude-company)
    (require 'prelude-evil)
    (require 'prelude-c)
    (require 'prelude-clojure)
    (require 'prelude-common-lisp)
    (require 'prelude-emacs-lisp)
    (require 'prelude-js)
    (require 'prelude-lisp)
    (require 'prelude-org) ;; Org-mode helps you keep TODO lists, notes and more
    (require 'prelude-perl)
    (require 'prelude-scheme)
    (require 'prelude-shell)
    (require 'prelude-xml)
    answer to my own question:
    (evil-define-key 'insert clojure-mode-map [up]    (lambda () (interactive) (message "Arrow key is disabled in interactive mode")))
    (evil-define-key 'insert clojure-mode-map [down]  (lambda () (interactive) (message "Arrow key is disabled in interactive mode")))
    (evil-define-key 'insert clojure-mode-map [left]  (lambda () (interactive) (message "Arrow key is disabled in interactive mode")))
    (evil-define-key 'insert clojure-mode-map [right] (lambda () (interactive) (message "Arrow key is disabled in interactive mode")))
    Koustubh Sinkar
    bbatsov: Hi, Can you please check my PRs and give some response?
    Anas Ayubi
    Hey guys. I'm a newcomer to emacs and I decided to use with prelude as my initial configuration. Lost about a couple of things though. I know that the SHIFT+arrows is disabled to select text. So the question really is how do I select text with guru mode enabled?
    Koustubh Sinkar

    Thoughts on using inter instead of haskell-mode? becomse:
    (prelude-require-package 'intero) (add-hook 'haskell-mode-hook 'intero-mode)

    Pro: More features for stack based development (type of selection is really cool)

    Con: Requires stack to be installed. I don't know how much of it works in cabal or nix based builds

    Ashley Smith
    Hey everyone! New here. So, I wanted to ask how to change the powerline theme in prelude? None of the commands seems to work
    Rodrigo Valin
    hey guys, I just updated prelude and my TAB key is not working
    is it possible I broke something? it will not indent or get file diffs in magit, for instance
    ok... np, now it is working :(
    but I didn't do anything
    Bruno Bonacci
    Hi, Is there a way to install a older version of a package in Prelude? I'm working on a old Clojure 1.5.1 project and the latest CIDER doesn't work with it. In the doc it is mentioned that 0.10.x is the latest version which supports Clojure 1.5, therefore I tried to download it and install it manually under elpa/ folder and remove the latest. However upon restart, Emacs re-install the latest version anyway. Any suggestions?
    Paul Walsh
    Just a heads up for Python devs. I wrote a package for Pipenv (now the officially recommended Python packing tool) integration with Emacs. I am happy to integrate with Prelude if any interest, and would appreciate any feedback on this early release.
    Maurycy Szmurlo
    Hi. While defining a macro [C-x (], when I type a space after colons (":") or a dot ("."), etc, I get "<Hangul> is undefined". I running on emacs 24.5.1. Any idea how to cope with that ?
    Hi, I just cloned the prelude repo and start it up, but I got the error "Debugger entered--Lisp error: (void-function projectile-global-mode)". That's in core/prelude-editor.el. Could someone give a hint on what's up with this?
    Gil Tomás
    @bbatsov, been using prelude for at least five years, absolutely love it. Recently noticed you decided to unplug god-mode from the distribution, any reason in particular for it?
    Oscar Vargas Torres
    Hi! I cannot find the way to make use-package to work correctly with prelude. Any hint?
    Hi, I would like to disable the whitespace-line-column highlighting in org-mode. I tried turning off whitespace-mode in org-mode by adding the following to custom.el: (setq whitespace-global-modes '(not org-mode)), but this had no effect that I could see. Any advice is appreciated. Thank you.
    Yaodong Zhao
    Hi. I'm new here. Does anyone know why the module is wrapped using "with-eval-after-load -> prelude-hook -> mode-hook" pattern?
    Scott Gerring
    hey guys, is it appropriate / wise / good to check .emacs.d into my personal dotfiles repo after setting it all up, or is there a better way I should be aware of?
    Jinxin (Brian) Yang
    Hi all, I used to be able to open two files at startup and emacs will show both files in a split windows. I cannot do that now with prelude settings, has anyone tried to configure this?
    Split window is the behavior I see when I pass two files on the command line. I have not changed any settings.
    Mike Oliver
    I'm trying to unbind "C-c o" by putting (global-unset-key (kbd "C-c o")) in a file at ~/.emacs.d/personal/misc.el. It doesn't seem to be unsetting that keybinding. What am I doing wrong?
    Might be related to issue #1235
    Rodrigo Valin
    hello guys, is it possible to avoid Prelude loading go-mode? I have not enabled 'prelude-go but it keeps being required when loading a .go file
    It does not seems to me that go-mode works very well with go modules
    and I would like to ditch it in favor of lsp-mode
    Mauricio O Calvao
    Hi there. Under my recently installed prelude, in a .org file, within a table, the Alt-Shift-Down keychord works just like the Alt-Down chord, sending the current row downward, instead of inserting a new row above. Any suggestions?
    Mauricio O Calvao
    It does work under vanilla emacs or doom emacs (without evil-mode, at any rate), but I really would like to give prelude a try, beacuse of its mostly default keybindings...
    Mauricio O Calvao
    Hi there
    I would like, as per the offical orgmode compact guide, to enable the key bindings: (global-set-key (kbd "C-c l") 'org-store-link)
    (global-set-key (kbd "C-c a") 'org-agenda)
    (global-set-key (kbd "C-c c") 'org-capture)
    in my custom.el file under the subdirectory personal. However, try as I may, it does not seem to stick, after relaunching prelude. What gives?
    Mauricio O Calvao
    Is this chat dead?