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Repo info
    @timcharper it looks like it’s a font-locking problem. Any suggestions on where to go given this stack trace?
    (invalid-regexp "Invalid content of \\{\\}")
      re-search-forward("^\\([^    \n]\\{2\\}\\|[^    \n]\\{0,1\\}    \\)\\{40000\\}\\(.+\\)$" 1234 t)
      font-lock-fontify-keywords-region(1 1234 nil)
      font-lock-default-fontify-region(1 1234 nil)
      font-lock-fontify-region(1 1234 nil)
      byte-code("\212\303 \304\216\305ed    #\210\306 \210\307\211+\207" [save-match-data-internal verbose font-lock-fontified match-data ((byte-code "\301\302\"\207" [save-match-data-internal set-match-data evaporate] 3)) font-lock-fontify-region font-lock-after-fontify-buffer t] 4)
      set-auto-mode-0(web-mode nil)helm-projectile-find-file()
    Tim Harper
    Looks like web-mode is the culprit. I don't think it is projectile related.
    Is there any vodoo to add a project to projectile without opening a file from it?
    I want that so I can say "add file in this directory"
    then just use perspective to open it.
    If that makes any sense.
    Hi all. Just updated prelude sources to latest. Now when I attempt to Search in project (ag) I no longer get live candidates until I hit enter. Was there a config change?
    I’ve updated all my packages yesterday, ensured ag.el is installed, but Search in project (ag) doesn’t bring up helm completion anymore. Find file in project does. Is there a hook I’m missing?
    Ah. So for some reason helm-projectile-ag is not being triggered, but just projectile-ag.
    Nicolas Cavigneaux
    hi @ldeck same problem here
    Since my latest update, C p p also changed. It now opens the project root directory rather than allowing to search for a file in the selected project
    It's like Helm is never called anymore
    @bbatsov any clues?
    Ruslan Popov
    hi all
    ppl, does it possible to ask projectile to restart jedi with custom --sys-path and --virtualenv-path on each project switch?
    Bryan Maass
    Same thing happened to me, regarding C-c p p.
    Bryan Maass
    Have you guys made any progress on that, @Bounga , @ldeck ?
    Okano, Osamu
    I’d like to find files that I’m working on with helm-projectile-*.
    Specifically, I’d like to helm-projectile the result of 'git diff --name-only --diff-filter=AMCR master’.
    Is there any way already?
    Is there an example on how to set projectile-register-project-type in dir-locals.el ?
    Yuzhe Ding
    @bbastov Can we add an external file/folder to an exiting project?
    Screenshot 2016-06-25 13.02.31.png
    I found some existing cache using (helm-projectile-switch-project), how to delete those former existing index?
    Yuzhe Ding
    I used projectile-invalidate-cache, seems it works.
    Tom van der Sommen
    @bbatsov your new projectile site is nice, but the screenshot-links are broken (uses the same relative links as in the github project's README.md rendering where they do work).
    Is projectile-find-file supposed to show all the .gitignore'd files? Because mine is.
    Let me run another test with emacs -q facepalm Why do I always forget to do that?
    @dkeller93 it should not. that's what SPC s f is for.
    maybe you use backend which doesn't ignore gitignored (plain grep?)
    I'm not sure how to see which "backend" i'm using. Which function is your SPC s f mapped to?
    just press SPC h d k before it
    Are you using evil-mode or something. Which function are you talking about?
    when I do git ls-files it lists the correct files, but when I do projectile-find-file, it shows a bunch of gitignored suggestions.
    =describe-key=F1 k, whatever
    you need to install ag, i think
    or pt. go and search for "the platinum/silver searcher"
    i'm too sleepy to help anyone anymore, so i'd better go
    Not sure what you're talking about. Goodnight.
    @dkeller http://beyondgrep.com/ get link to pt here
    oh, rofl. i was sleepy and assumed i was in spacemacs gitter. ^^' That's why you use elisp instead of keys to show people around emacs, kids.
    Yuzhe Ding
    http://tuhdo.github.io/helm-projectile.html, how to mark mutiple files after SPC p f like demo shows in spacemacs ?
    I think the fact that my .gitignore is just one line: *. I force added things to the project, so git status returns the right stuff. But commands like projectile-switch-open-projecthas all the junk files as suggestions.
    I should probably try spacemacs sometime.
    But yeah. Can anyone reproduce my bug (if it is one)? Have a repo with the .gitignore at * and force add files. Have a bunch of junk files (aka my .emacs.d) too that you don't want as suggestions. Do the junk files come up as suggestions? You just repro'd my bug.
    Maybe I'm using git like an idiot, but I'm not sure this is expected behavior. I also don't know how the suggestions work (maybe they're not supported?).
    Hello. I'm after a little help. I am working remotely with tramp and my editor is constantly "Making tags completion table for ...". I have to CTRL-G to get back to work. I think it's projectile that does this. Can someone advise me on how to prevent this auto update of TAGS while I'm working remotely? Or is there a better fix? BTW, I am using spacemacs.
    Robby O'Connor
    Hey all -- is there a way to not have the / included in the projects list? I always see my home directory and / included
    Chih-Wei (Bert) Chang
    Hi, I'm wondering if it is possible to define some functions only for certain specified project?
    I have large project that I enabled caching for in dir-locals.el. This works great when finding a file with C-c p f when already in a file within the project, but is there a way to get the caching option to be used when switching projects with C-c p p ?