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Repo info
    Not sure what you're talking about. Goodnight.
    @dkeller http://beyondgrep.com/ get link to pt here
    oh, rofl. i was sleepy and assumed i was in spacemacs gitter. ^^' That's why you use elisp instead of keys to show people around emacs, kids.
    Yuzhe Ding
    http://tuhdo.github.io/helm-projectile.html, how to mark mutiple files after SPC p f like demo shows in spacemacs ?
    I think the fact that my .gitignore is just one line: *. I force added things to the project, so git status returns the right stuff. But commands like projectile-switch-open-projecthas all the junk files as suggestions.
    I should probably try spacemacs sometime.
    But yeah. Can anyone reproduce my bug (if it is one)? Have a repo with the .gitignore at * and force add files. Have a bunch of junk files (aka my .emacs.d) too that you don't want as suggestions. Do the junk files come up as suggestions? You just repro'd my bug.
    Maybe I'm using git like an idiot, but I'm not sure this is expected behavior. I also don't know how the suggestions work (maybe they're not supported?).
    Hello. I'm after a little help. I am working remotely with tramp and my editor is constantly "Making tags completion table for ...". I have to CTRL-G to get back to work. I think it's projectile that does this. Can someone advise me on how to prevent this auto update of TAGS while I'm working remotely? Or is there a better fix? BTW, I am using spacemacs.
    Robby O'Connor
    Hey all -- is there a way to not have the / included in the projects list? I always see my home directory and / included
    Chih-Wei (Bert) Chang
    Hi, I'm wondering if it is possible to define some functions only for certain specified project?
    I have large project that I enabled caching for in dir-locals.el. This works great when finding a file with C-c p f when already in a file within the project, but is there a way to get the caching option to be used when switching projects with C-c p p ?
    James Conroy-Finn
    Just encountered bbatsov/projectile#1033. I'm guessing this is going to affect quite a few people as it appears several Projectile fns are affected.
    Ag Ibragimov
    heads up. bunch of Spacemacs users (inlcuding myself) reported that latest update breaks
    Novak Boškov
    I'm struggling to set projectile ignoring some files. I've found few resources which describe how to do this:
    • Projectile shoud ignore files from .gitignore but projectile-grep lists .log files since I have *.log in my .gitignore.
    • I've found that I could use .projectile (here) but when I put -*.log in .projectile and invalidate cache with projectile-invalidate-cache it still lists all logs.
    • I've found that I could use dir-locals.el here but when i put ((nil . ((projectile-globally-ignored-files . '("README.md"))))) projectile-grep remains listing lines from README.md.
      My project is a Clojure project and I use CIDER.
      What I'm doing wrong?
    Projectile doesn't find my test files and when I enabled (setq projectile-create-missing-test-files t)it says Project type not supported. What should I do to fix it? thank you
    @novakboskov , got a similar issue, couldn't make projectile ignorenode_modules sub directory, did you found a solution to yours?
    Tom van der Sommen
    @tomvdsom i had a trailing slash, I removed it, let me check again
    i found this while testing it, I am working on a sub directory in a large svn project. I placed a .projectilefile inside the subdir to mark it as a project. However when calling projectile-find-filewithin the subdir, the SVN file list command svn list -R . | grep -v '$/' | tr '\n' '\0' is used instead of the generic file list command which is find . -type f -print0. Is this a bug? Anyway I can use the generic-file-list command to list the files in the subdir?
    @escherize Search in project (ag) appears to be working via Helm for me now, having just updated everything today.
    Looks like web-mode is the culprit. I don't think it is projectile related.
    Commenting out this config (setq whitespace-line-column 80000) fixed the issue.

    Cool. Just figured out how to filter ag searches to specific file types rather than all files. e.g., js files only.

    pattern: -G\.js$ text_to_find

    What might be even nicer would be an interactive option.

    Ulrich Reining
    Is there a way to tell projectile to read the project's files from an existing TAGS file? And also use the folder containing the TAGS file as the root folder of the project.
    Michael Pankov
    hi. anyone contributed to projectile? is there an easy way to override the projectile coming from Prelude with projectile from git repo? I want to implement something and need this for testing
    (I previously copied over the source from repo to where Prelude downloads packages (".emacs.d/elpa") and byte-compiled on every edit, but grew tired of this workflow)
    Hubert Behaghel
    is it expected that projectile-project-root errors with "You're not in a project" in a function hooked onto projectile-after-switch-project-hook?
    Novak Boškov
    Is it possible to customize function that is used to find corresponding test file from a regular file and vice versa?
    I'm using Clojure Luminus and its test files are determined by direcory structure not exact file name, e.g. file my-project/src/clj/my-project/handler.clj has test file my-project/test/clj/my-project/test/handler.clj.
    Tim Millar
    Anyone having a problem with projectile-rails at the moment. It no longer loads up on initialization and when I switch it on manually it only works for the current buffer.
    Krzysztof Magosa
    hi guys, does anybody have idea how to exclude entire directories from projectile? i want to exclude "technical" directories like 'build', 'venv' etc. I didn't find anything in docs.
    Tom van der Sommen
    @krzysztof-magosa using a .projectile file allows you to. It creates a project-boundary and allows excludes and includes. See the docs for more info 😉.
    Krzysztof Magosa
    would be nice to have also global option, i always structure projects the same way, so all python projects have 'venv' etc. ;)
    Ibrahim Awwal
    quick question, is there a way to do a dumb go to definition using projectile? eg. for ruby, if point is on "some_method_name", just do a grep for def some_method_name and if such a line exists, go there?
    or does a different package exist that does that? i feel like i heard about something like that
    i know something like robe might be "smarter" for that, but i seem to usually end up having issues with that
    oh, the thing i remember coming across is https://github.com/jacktasia/dumb-jump
    Krzysztof Magosa
    I'm using helm-gtags for such things
    helm-codesearch is also helpful
    Murphy McMahon
    I'm having a weird issue where (projectile-project-root) resolves to my home directory from some Clojure projects (both lein and boot projects are affected); I've taken a look at the source to that function but the cache throws me off the trail -- I can't see why it's jumping up from my actual project root to my home directory
    Murphy McMahon
    Discovered my problem was a stray .git directory in my home directory
    Guess there's no way for projectile to know what to do in that case
    Not sure though why all projects were not affected equally
    Tom Badran
    Is there a nice way to have per project environment variables that get set in emacs, specifically im looking at having project local PYTHONPATH settings?
    Greg Pfeil
    This hasn’t always happened, but it’s been happening for a while now … whenever I start Emacs, I get a minibuffer prompt like Commander […]:. I figure it could be something I customized, but not sure what. I’m not calling (projectile-commander) explicitly anywhere.
    Greg Pfeil
    Ok, seems to have had something to do with (use-package projectile …), so I got rid of that.
    Is there a way to use multi-occur on all files in a project, not just the ones that are open in a buffer?
    @ibrahima in spacemacs I use helm-projectile-do-ag constantly.
    SPC s a p