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Repo info
    Andrew Gaydenko
    Ah, have found bbatsov/projectile#1119
    Hello. How can I make feature requests?
    Andreas Marschke
    @EvanAad Probably through an issue on Github. What are you looking for explicitly? Maybe this is already achievable in another way?
    Hi, I have never moved beyond touch .projectile how can I make ~/foo/ and ~/bar/scratch/ appear as a single project?
    Nick McCurdy
    Is there a way to configure projectile to not mess with the output of compilation buffers, either by configuring compile or using a terminal emulator instead of compilation mode?
    I like the convenience of compilation, but it screws up color codes and prevents me from interacting with interactive commands
    Paul Walsh
    When registering a project type, is there any way we can have some exclusions for marker files? With the way things seem to work now, any project that has frontend assets managed by npm will be detected as an npm project. This impacts some of my Clojure (lein-test) and Python projects, for example.
    John Soo
    is there to create a file if not found? Kinda like C-x C-f but in project?
    Yash Yadavalli
    Greg Pfeil
    Projectile doesn’t seem to be saving any of my known projects. I have it installed via Nix on macOS. If I do projectile-mode (which I have to do in each individual file) then C-c p h, it shows me all the files correctly scoped to the project dir, but C-c p p shows me no projects, and the projectile-bookmarks file is empty.
    Ilan Pillemer
    Hi, it seems to be projectile might hang emacs on High Sierra if you enter a project that projectile does not recognise as a project? Or am I being paranoid?
    Always seems to fix once I make the folder recognisable as project.
    Troy Hinckley
    Probably should open an issue on that one
    Ilan Pillemer
    I dont have actual evidence that its not related to something else in emacs.
    I am new to projectile. I 'C-c p s s' to search with ag (projectile-ag). I often want to search my use of a particular bit of code in another project so I can pull that code into my current one. However, projectile-ag searches the current project. Projectile-switch-project would work, but, aside from being another step, also seems to want me to open a file in the project I'm switching to. I'd have to switch back into my current project after, as well. Is there a way to simply grep into another project for a string?
    Nate Hardt
    is there a way to search for file:linenumber in a project? seems to be a format commonly found in logs
    i have a project defined as basedir then use: ```
    (defun open-matching-files-goto-line(dir file matcher lineno)
      "Open file if it matches, goto lineno"
      (when (string-equal file matcher)
        (find-file (concat dir file))
        (goto-line (string-to-number lineno))
    (defun find-file-line-in-project (fileline)
      "Find file line in project"
      (interactive "sFind file:line in project: ")
      (let (pt)
         (lambda (dir file) (open-matching-files-goto-line
                             (elt (split-string fileline ":") 0)
                             (elt (split-string fileline ":") 1)
    seems like something that could already exist but haven't found it
    (my lisp is no good)
    Alex Dalshov
    Hi evrryone. I wrote my question on github issue -
    Alex Dalshov
    So Ill duplicate it here. Id like to create project-specific build system - integrate cmake-ide to projectile. I will apreceatecany ideas and hints in that direction. My idea is to replace projectile string with functions (allow string or function). So it will allow to remain current behaviour or use some lisp code
    Andreas Marschke
    https://github.com/andreas-marschke/company-javadoc-lookup open sourced my first company backend, would love to get some feedback, may have missed a few things on making it better. @bbatsov
    Troy Hinckley
    A better forum would be the emacs reddit
    Andreas Marschke
    @CeleritasCelery Yeah you're right. Sorry about that.
    @bbatsov Something I've been wondering about for projectile, the basic configuration for new project types is awesome. But it feels like a limitation that the test/run/building portion is just a string and doesn't allow for a symbol in that spot that would resolve to a function to run to resolve. Is this something I could contribute? I've lightly checked through the code to find the pieces necessary but would love to know if it's something interesting to you too. The idea is that the project configuration points for tests at a function that is executed when you for example call C-c p P or C-c p c and a function would assemble the build call. This would be interesting for example if you wanted to build a function that created the test line based on the file you're currently working on.
    Alex Dalshov
    Andreas Marschke


    Just gonna guage interest in this, if this is something you guys want I'll add docs, tests and provide as MR. cc @bbatsov

    Troy Hinckley
    This Gitter isn’t active. You should probably just open a PR on github and go from there. @andreas-marschke
    How can I for a specific project or in general have projectile ignore git submodules for helm-gitignore?
    Jeremy Cowgar

    Any thoughts on this? I am running Emacs 26 on windows. When switching projects, the command fails. The directory does exist, but I don't know what that extra 'tr' is.

    [helm-current-buffer projectile-project-p buffer-live-p projectile-project-root projectile-current-project-files nil expand-file-name] 8]’
    (file-missing "Setting current directory" "No such file or directory" "c:/Users/jerem/Projects/amps/drgnjs/'tr' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
    operable program or batch file.

    Jeremy Cowgar
    OK, so I add tr to the path and all works :-)
    Francesco Giannelli
    Philipp Meier
    What's a proper / easy way to develop and debug projectile from master with your regular emacs config? (I use spacemacs which ships with melpa projectile)
    Dave Kleinschmidt
    Is there a way to switch project and open VC for the new project in a single command? I'm using projectile with Ivy and when I switch projects with <prefix>-p I have to first select a file to open before I can activate VC.
    Louis Roché
    Hey. I am trying to understand how to use https://projectile.readthedocs.io/en/latest/projects/#customizing-project-root-files but it is not clear yet.
    My goal is to have nested git projects. Let's say I have a directory structure like /a/{b,c}. Folders a, b and c have been created using git clone. From project a, I'd like to be able to use projectile-find-file over files of a, b and c. Am I looking at the good part of the documentation to do that?
    Barry G
    Hello, I’m wondering if I can use projectile-replace only on files with a specific suffix?
    I have a git repo which contains many clojure projects, each in its own subdirectory with a project.clj. Projectile sees the .git as the project root and the project type as 'generic'. Is there a way to get it to see the project.clj as the project root?
    Bruno Furtado
    I never tried but you should be able to customize the project root files as you wish: https://www.projectile.mx/en/latest/projects/#customizing-project-root-files
    I tried removing the "local-file" strategy because my naive guess is that I want bottom-up first but no joy. Time to get out the toolbox
    Aha -- each strategy has its own list of dominating files and "project.clj" was not in projectile-project-root-files-bottom-up
    katco DxyMSw5UUAAQJbD.bin
    katco Ugh sorry. Misclicked share on mobile. For those curious (and star trek fans) here's the tweet https://twitter.com/DevinatelyDevin/status/1088899470060908544?s=20
    Tobias Langer
    Is it possible to register a function as projectile-project-build-cmd / projectile-project-test-cmd (from .dir-locals.el)? I've defined a function (defun foo() "echo foo"), but the returned string won't appear as prompt for the project / won't be executed
    (I'm quite new to elisp so any pointers are helpful, I guess :))
    Louis Roché
       (eval progn
             (require 'projectile)
              "make -C backend" projectile-compilation-cmd-map))))
    I have something like this, not exactly for projectile-project-build-cmd, but maybe it can help