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Repo info
    Alex Dalshov
    Andreas Marschke


    Just gonna guage interest in this, if this is something you guys want I'll add docs, tests and provide as MR. cc @bbatsov

    Troy Hinckley
    This Gitter isn’t active. You should probably just open a PR on github and go from there. @andreas-marschke
    How can I for a specific project or in general have projectile ignore git submodules for helm-gitignore?
    Jeremy Cowgar

    Any thoughts on this? I am running Emacs 26 on windows. When switching projects, the command fails. The directory does exist, but I don't know what that extra 'tr' is.

    [helm-current-buffer projectile-project-p buffer-live-p projectile-project-root projectile-current-project-files nil expand-file-name] 8]’
    (file-missing "Setting current directory" "No such file or directory" "c:/Users/jerem/Projects/amps/drgnjs/'tr' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
    operable program or batch file.

    Jeremy Cowgar
    OK, so I add tr to the path and all works :-)
    Francesco Giannelli
    Philipp Meier
    What's a proper / easy way to develop and debug projectile from master with your regular emacs config? (I use spacemacs which ships with melpa projectile)
    Dave Kleinschmidt
    Is there a way to switch project and open VC for the new project in a single command? I'm using projectile with Ivy and when I switch projects with <prefix>-p I have to first select a file to open before I can activate VC.
    Louis Roché
    Hey. I am trying to understand how to use https://projectile.readthedocs.io/en/latest/projects/#customizing-project-root-files but it is not clear yet.
    My goal is to have nested git projects. Let's say I have a directory structure like /a/{b,c}. Folders a, b and c have been created using git clone. From project a, I'd like to be able to use projectile-find-file over files of a, b and c. Am I looking at the good part of the documentation to do that?
    Barry G
    Hello, I’m wondering if I can use projectile-replace only on files with a specific suffix?
    I have a git repo which contains many clojure projects, each in its own subdirectory with a project.clj. Projectile sees the .git as the project root and the project type as 'generic'. Is there a way to get it to see the project.clj as the project root?
    Bruno Furtado
    I never tried but you should be able to customize the project root files as you wish: https://www.projectile.mx/en/latest/projects/#customizing-project-root-files
    I tried removing the "local-file" strategy because my naive guess is that I want bottom-up first but no joy. Time to get out the toolbox
    Aha -- each strategy has its own list of dominating files and "project.clj" was not in projectile-project-root-files-bottom-up
    katco DxyMSw5UUAAQJbD.bin
    katco Ugh sorry. Misclicked share on mobile. For those curious (and star trek fans) here's the tweet https://twitter.com/DevinatelyDevin/status/1088899470060908544?s=20
    Tobias Langer
    Is it possible to register a function as projectile-project-build-cmd / projectile-project-test-cmd (from .dir-locals.el)? I've defined a function (defun foo() "echo foo"), but the returned string won't appear as prompt for the project / won't be executed
    (I'm quite new to elisp so any pointers are helpful, I guess :))
    Louis Roché
       (eval progn
             (require 'projectile)
              "make -C backend" projectile-compilation-cmd-map))))
    I have something like this, not exactly for projectile-project-build-cmd, but maybe it can help
    Tobias Langer
    Excuse me if I don't understand it correctly, but this appears to be a one time thing at startup, doesn't it? What I want is to call (completing-read..) to be called everytime I call projectile-compile-project, so that I can interactively choose between different build targets
    Louis Roché
    yes it is a one time thing when the file is open
    Tobias Langer
    hm, thanks anyway!

    I have asked this question before on /r/emacs, I think asking here may provide me with some insight:

    ```I think projectile and treemacs are independent project and treemacs-projectile is written as helper. However I think I fail to understand the concept of it.

    I want to see all my projectile projects be shows in treemacs as I add them via projectile (and be added to projectile if I add them to treemacs). And if I close a project in either mode it should be closed with all its buffers.

    Right now I achieve the same result by calling commands from each manually. Which is very cumbersome.```

    Reddit link

    Hi! When i call projectile-compile-project in a go project, projectile runs go build ./.... The command finishes without error, but I can find no binary. When I change that to go build, a binary is created.
    • what does ./... mean? I use CLI for ~20 years and have never seen that
    • how can I change the default to go build? I don't want to use C-u C-c p c allways...
    Vladimir Macko
    I am a root project (git repo) A. The '.gitignore' of this project A has a folder B set to ignore. In this folder B I have another folder that is also a git repo C. I am not able to have projectile recognise this folder C as a project. Any pointers? Thanks!
    Mark Lakewood
    Hi all. Im wanting to use projectile, lsp-mode with python but with pyls running in a docker container. I've got pyls and lsp-mode working with docker, but with the command hard-coded to a particular container, what I really want is a function to get the current root directory of the projectile project im working in, so that I can use a standard command to do this.
    Pranaya Behera
    This is my full init.el: https://gist.github.com/shadow-fox/7bd91d02a75aee138be0f137829081b2 , The projectile not able to fetch any the projects. I have ran projectile-discover-project-in-search-path but projectile-known-projects is empty. I have tried with melpa-stable and melpa . Still the issue persists.
    Erik Lovlie
    hello, this question is not directly related to projectile (I think) but hey: when I try to use the abbreviation thingy, e.g. "M-x proj-fi-fi" for "projectile-find-file" I get the completion "project-find-file" and that seems to be the sole completion
    I am however able to run "M-x projectile-find-file" just fine if I type it out
    wonder if anyone have a tip on what could be wrong? I should probably bind it to a key I suppose, but I'd like to understand ... what I don't understand here
    I am using projectile-mode-line but I dont like the project-type showing up ex: projectile[test:generic]. How to remove the :generic part?
    Christopher Batey
    Is there a way to disable auto discovery of a project type? I have quite a few git repos that contain many projects I want to work on separately and anytime I use one of these i end up with the current project being the git repo one level up rather than the sub project
    Christopher Batey
    I removed projectile-project-root-files-bottom-up, let me know if there is a better way of doing it
    Adrian Smith
    I think I'm slowing figuring out how to use projectile, I'm using evil mode if that makes any difference but if I do C-c p f, it lags for a bit then does this: https://i.imgur.com/zgQpEBf.png what do those warnings mean and how do interact with this prompt? when I type anything it disappears
    Adrian Smith
    I think the warnings are coming from fish shell when its configured to use vi keys fish-shell/fish-shell#6497
    hi how to support go.mod project?
    sampath kumar
    Hi Guys, I am trying to validate issue #1508. I ran command make run-projectile I got the following
    error make: * No rule to make target `run-projectile'. Stop.
    How can build and deploy projectile with emacs. Thank you
    sampath kumar
    @bbatsov are there any instructions to build the project?
    sampath kumar
    I am using a emacs file with
    (add-to-list 'load-path "/Users/ironman/projects/os/emax/projectile/")
    (load "projectile")
    to test
    Dietrich Daroch
    Hey, is there a way to have project-relative text file links?
    At work we use links like -- Bla bla, see //dir_in_project_root/some_file and its really handy to link things
    Artjom Vejsel
    hi, guys. I see in projectile there is compile, run, run tests, configure, but there is no clean and rebuild. can we have that commands in projectile?
    Hello! I have I hybrid project clojurescript and js - and projectile consider my project as npm project. How can I manually say use "clojure" configuration? Basically I want to switch between source and test files.
    Magnus Therning

    I've come to rely a lot on projectile-toggle-between-implementation-and-test to jump between implementation and test when developing Clojure. However when I tried to use it in my Haskell projects it didn't work at all. I found that two things needed adjusting.

    1. The project type was wrongly set to make. I fixed that by explicitly setting it to haskell-cabal in my .dir-locals.el:

      ((nil . ((projectile-project-type . haskell-cabal))))
    2. Second, the test suffix, Spec, didn't match what I use so I put this in my config:

      (with-eval-after-load 'haskell-mode
        (plist-put (alist-get 'haskell-cabal projectile-project-types)
                   'test-suffix "Test"))

    I'm not very experienced with configuring Emacs, so I'm wondering if this is a good way of doing it, or if there's a better way?

    Thomas Persson
    Hi! I have a javascript project and I want to exclude node_modules from my projectile ag searches. I thought if I change projectile-indexing-method to "alien" it will follow the .gitignore file (which contain node_modules directory) but I still get search results from it and at the top of the search buffer it also says "mode: ag; default-directory" and then point at the root of my project and some of the search results is from files in node_modules. What is the correct way of achieving what I want?
    Michael Rose
    does anyone know why projectile might ignore .gitignore?
    Michael Rose
    to clarify indexing method is alien and counsel-projectile and any other method of listing projectile file shows all file underneath the project root without exception so its not an issue with gitignore syntax
    I have also tried blowing away the cache and version is most recent on melpa