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Repo info
    sampath kumar
    Hi Guys, I am trying to validate issue #1508. I ran command make run-projectile I got the following
    error make: * No rule to make target `run-projectile'. Stop.
    How can build and deploy projectile with emacs. Thank you
    sampath kumar
    @bbatsov are there any instructions to build the project?
    sampath kumar
    I am using a emacs file with
    (add-to-list 'load-path "/Users/ironman/projects/os/emax/projectile/")
    (load "projectile")
    to test
    Dietrich Daroch
    Hey, is there a way to have project-relative text file links?
    At work we use links like -- Bla bla, see //dir_in_project_root/some_file and its really handy to link things
    Artjom Vejsel
    hi, guys. I see in projectile there is compile, run, run tests, configure, but there is no clean and rebuild. can we have that commands in projectile?
    Hello! I have I hybrid project clojurescript and js - and projectile consider my project as npm project. How can I manually say use "clojure" configuration? Basically I want to switch between source and test files.
    Magnus Therning

    I've come to rely a lot on projectile-toggle-between-implementation-and-test to jump between implementation and test when developing Clojure. However when I tried to use it in my Haskell projects it didn't work at all. I found that two things needed adjusting.

    1. The project type was wrongly set to make. I fixed that by explicitly setting it to haskell-cabal in my .dir-locals.el:

      ((nil . ((projectile-project-type . haskell-cabal))))
    2. Second, the test suffix, Spec, didn't match what I use so I put this in my config:

      (with-eval-after-load 'haskell-mode
        (plist-put (alist-get 'haskell-cabal projectile-project-types)
                   'test-suffix "Test"))

    I'm not very experienced with configuring Emacs, so I'm wondering if this is a good way of doing it, or if there's a better way?

    Thomas Persson
    Hi! I have a javascript project and I want to exclude node_modules from my projectile ag searches. I thought if I change projectile-indexing-method to "alien" it will follow the .gitignore file (which contain node_modules directory) but I still get search results from it and at the top of the search buffer it also says "mode: ag; default-directory" and then point at the root of my project and some of the search results is from files in node_modules. What is the correct way of achieving what I want?
    Michael Rose
    does anyone know why projectile might ignore .gitignore?
    Michael Rose
    to clarify indexing method is alien and counsel-projectile and any other method of listing projectile file shows all file underneath the project root without exception so its not an issue with gitignore syntax
    I have also tried blowing away the cache and version is most recent on melpa
    Michael Rose
    I ended up creating a .projectile that mirrors my gitignore and using hybrid never could get alien to work
    Himanshu Mehra
    I am trying to set up projectile compilation. The default directory ends up being <project_root>/build. I instead want it to be just <project_root>. I tried setting this via .dir-locals.el but no luck. This was working in Emacs 26 but is broken in Emacs 27. Any hints?
    Björn Bidar
    Terve, can I use a custom command to generate tags per project? I use compiledb + rtags for my projects and want to use that.
    Ronald Liu
    Hey guys, my project is in a symlink dir. in projectile index all the paths are by truename. Is there a way to disable this feature? The truename is kinda conflict with lsp-mode setup

    Hey, I have a parent folder X that is versioned with git. Inside this folder I have a bunch of nested directories and in some of them I have projects that I would like projectile, LSPs and the like to acknowledge. This seems to be very hard as X is constantly recognized as the project and I haven't found a reliable way to not let that happen.
    I never want X to be considered a project, is there some blocklist I can use.

    I have already tried adding .projectile files to the subfolders that are actual projects. I usually need to reload the file for it to be recognized and even that does'nt seem reliadble as just now the LSP decided that the project is X even after I manually switched to the subproject.

    does anyone know anything that alleviates this issue?

    Magnus Therning
    The only thing I can think of is to use envvars to keep .git outside of the working tree. I'm not sure that solves more problems than it causes though.
    i use counsel-projectile-ag search word. but the project is git project. gitignore include my need to search file .
    what the way exclude gitignore some file
    gitignore ignore elpa . but i need search elpa directory word
    Jing-Xuan Lim
    Hi. I haven't been able to add a git bare repository to projectile. Is that possible and if so, how do I do it?
    I have src/main.lisp and tests/main.lisp the test file has the same name as the source file. How can I make projectile-toggle-between-implementation-and-test to work in this scenario?
    Ferruccio Aceves
    is this channel as dead as it looks?
    Ferruccio Aceves
    Indeed: dead!
    dissapointing. I'm looking for some ways to speed up projectile-find-file
    especially over tramp, where it's just the slowest thing