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Repo info
    Why does this theme not use the original solarized colors? Is there a way to get it to use those values for highlighting the same elements as in vim for example?
    Thomas Frössman
    I don't understand what you are saying.
    Btw. There are two other solarized themes as well for emacs IIRC, at least one of them have quite good support for many modes and so on. This theme does use the original colors with some extensions.
    Hey yall, whats the difference between bbatsov's implementation and sellouts?
    This theme looks great!
    Greatest theme!
    Damien Pollet
    hello… I have code like below in the (use-package solarized-theme :config … section of my config:
        (dolist (variant '(light dark))
          (message "palette is %s" solarized-color-palette-alist)
          (when (sequencep solarized-color-palette-alist)
            (message "palette is a sequence"))
          (solarized-with-color-variables variant solarized-color-palette-alist
    I do see palette is ((s-base03 . #002b36)… followed by palette is a sequence in the messages buffer, but I also get this warning:
    Error (use-package): solarized-theme/:config: Wrong type argument: sequencep, solarized-color-palette-alist
    so it looks like solarized-with-color-variables receives a symbol as an argument, even though it's not in a quasiquote… and I don't understand why
    Damien Pollet
    this warning started appearing after upgrading solarized-theme to the latest commits, which added the color-palette argument to solarized-with-color-variables, if I understood correctly
    Damien Pollet
    okay… it does receive a symbol, that's how macros work. But it expects an alist because of the ,@(mapcar …), and that's why in solarized-definition it has to be used inside a quasiquote. Not sure what's the best practice there… can solarized-with-color-variables be made more robust? what's the best practice here in elisp?
    Efe Arda YAVAŞ
    Hi. Why we don't have red color?