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Apr 2016
Romain Reignier
Apr 14 2016 20:19

Hi Benjamin, there is an issue with the package ros-indigo-tf2-kdl
There is an error while validating the sha256 of the package. But even by skipping the sha256sum, I have the following error:

grep: /tmp/yaourt-tmp-romain/aur-ros-indigo-tf2-kdl/src/geometry_experimental-release-release-indigo-tf2_kdl-0.5.13-0: Aucun fichier ou dossier de ce type
CMake Error: The source directory "/tmp/yaourt-tmp-romain/aur-ros-indigo-tf2-kdl/src/geometry_experimental-release-release-indigo-tf2_kdl-0.5.13-0" does not exist.
Specify --help for usage, or press the help button on the CMake GUI.
==> ERREUR : Une erreur s’est produite dans build().
==> ERREUR : Makepkg n'a pas pu construire ros-indigo-tf2-kdl.

So I have checked the link on the ros-gbp repository and it seems that geometry-experimental was replaced by geometry2.
Replacing this name on the _dir variable and the url and skipping the sha256sum works.
I wanted to let you know. I can open an issue if you refer.

Romain Reignier
Apr 14 2016 22:22
Oh, sorry, I did not see your last commit, so you have fixed the issue, but it seems that the changes are not pushed to AUR yet.