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    hello,i want to contribute, however i can not find the idea list
    Russell Keith-Magee
    That’s because GSoC hasn’t started yet. Applications for mentor applications haven’t even closed yet. Once organizations have been selected, instructions for applying (assuming we get accepted) will be made public.
    Russell Keith-Magee
    Or are you looking to contribute to Travel Tips specifically? If that’s the case, we’re not really looking for contributions - if you’ve got an idea, feel free to propose it or work up a patch, but this is a demo project being used to show you can build mobile phone apps using Python.
    Piyush Khushlani
    Now, the window is free for discussion?
    Sagar Utekar
    Hello,I am Sagar Utekar from India,I found this project interesting to work upon,I have all required skills for this project and I would like to contribute to for this project. How can I start contributing for this project ?
    Maroof Shittu
    hi guys, what version of toga should i be using to test this app on windows and android
    Oti Boateng Joseph
    @dbugshe2 I think the android toolchain is broken and so testing on Android may not work but for windows, I believe any of the latest versions can
    Oti Boateng Joseph

    Please I'm trying to run beeware on windows subsystem for Linux with ubuntu1804 but after installing I get the error:

    ValueError: Name space Gtk not available

    Raised from gi.require_version('Gtk', '3.0')

    Please help me to fix this

    Russell Keith-Magee
    @Joetib That suggests you haven’t got GTK installed.
    which also suggests you haven’t got “vanilla” Ubuntu 18.04 installed - you’ve installed a variant of some kind
    Oti Boateng Joseph
    can sudo apt install vanilla solve the problem
    Sorry I meant sudo apt install GTK
    Russell Keith-Magee
    Yes - but that’s what is confusing. If you “just installed Ubuntu” - those libraries are installed. They’re what drives the default Ubuntu UI. You’ve either found an installation option we don’t know about, of you’re done something to break your Ubuntu install.
    (also - is there any particular reason you’ve switched over to the TravelTips channel?)
    Oti Boateng Joseph
    @freakboy3742 sorry about the questioning in the traveltips channel. I was so keen that I just typed into the first group I got to.
    Hi there,
    I want all my travel and tourism website
    ( https://nomadlo.com ) photos to be fetched from cloudflare, it is now on wordpress thats why my site load time is high.
    Please Guide me how can i reduce page size by availing cloudflare.
    Oti Boateng Joseph
    @musaddiqalii_twitter your question is unclear to me. Can you explain further
    And cloudflare and WordPress don't seem like the topic of conversation here. I think it might do good searching answers elsewhere .
    Interesting here
    Very relevant for me