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Jul 2014
Yelena Jetpyspayeva
Jul 24 2014 12:54
Hey guys, bem-core@v3 development plans are newly baked here We will appreciate your feedback asap a lot!
Yelena Jetpyspayeva
Jul 24 2014 13:11
Some more important news here on sections, navigation, meaning of «technologies», call for articles
why we have a lot of cascading there?
on there is a statement, that cascade may exists on modifiers.
.author__data-wrapper > .contact-info
seems like this is not a modifier )
this was done intentionally, or there is another explanation?
Ruslan Zavacky
Jul 24 2014 14:38
why sometimes you have b- prefix, otherwise you don't? when you apply namespace and when you don't? (example from yandex images, b-menu-vert and snippet)
Dmitry Balabka
Jul 24 2014 14:55

Hi everyone.
About "semantic html" that was mentioned by @RuslanZavacky I guess we should not mess BEM with it, because these two thing are from different contexts, but anyway it is good to use semantically correct names and it should choose developer instead of should be described in BEM methodology. May be it may work good together.

About ".author__data-wrapper > .contact-info". It is't a cascade or some kind of safe cascade :) (please correct me if I'm not right). But I found another example like ".contact-info .author__e-mail" and this one I guess should be a mistake. Am I right?