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Jul 2014
Sergey Berezhnoy
Jul 25 2014 05:58
@RuslanZavacky we used to have b- prefix "historically" ;-) but it'
but it was never part of the methodology
it's always optional decision in concrete project — already few years we doesn't use prefixes in new projects
Sergey Berezhnoy
Jul 25 2014 06:07
@RuslanZavacky @torinaki actually, I think both cascedes are unnecessary ;-) — but BEM methodology never forbade cascade, we have only strong recomendations and we talk about an understanding of the pros and cons (increased connectivity etc.), so lat's wait authors (@tadatuta) for explanation of this particular cases
Vladimir Grinenko
Jul 25 2014 16:32
@RuslanZavacky @torinaki That's true — in both cases cascade was unnecessary. In most cases it's safer to use mixes instead of cascade but still that's not dogma.
Hope one day we'll find the time for refactoring ;)
Dmitry Balabka
Jul 25 2014 16:32
Thanks you a lot. Now clear :)