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Aug 2014
Vsevolod Strukchinsky
Aug 24 2014 11:12
Am I right, that this dependencies can be restored by *.deps.js file?
Sergey Berezhnoy
Aug 24 2014 11:45
@floatdrop they must be declared in *.deps.js as well
but you also need it to be in *.js for name bindings
it's possible to derive/parse some content for *.deps.js form particular files (in this example from *.js)
we think about it
*.deps.js is very hight level abstract way to declare dependencies between BEM-entities — and it can be vary in concrete techs on concrete projects
for example before we invent our modules system we use deps throughout global scope
Vsevolod Strukchinsky
Aug 24 2014 12:11
thanks for clarification