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Sep 2014
Vsevolod Strukchinsky
Sep 16 2014 07:13 UTC
@jitendravyas this is photo of Ashdod port, which located in the southern distinct of Israel (
Yelena Jetpyspayeva
Sep 16 2014 14:03 UTC
@apsavin because there are sooooo many! 2 years ago on the conference in Saint Petersburg I have heard a speech with the report saying there are more than 9000 in Runet. For sure, you can take Yandex services and check. Why do you need them all listed? Examples? Ask people here to provide you with links. For instance, @voischev and their web studio do a lot sites build with b in Voronezh; he can give you links.
Yelena Jetpyspayeva
Sep 16 2014 14:10 UTC
@jitendravyas as you look on the net, there are a lot of articles and blogposts written by developers, mostly about CSS and BEM-like class naming. You can ask them to provide you links of their works/websites. we can't possibly list all and why listing if they are growing bigger? we are not a cataloging system or duplicating search engine something ;) we are very small tech team. what we recently did for the community apart from all the tools and libraries and docs is the page about community open sourced projects its in Russian only for now and we still need help with translating. Would be great to help us do something like this @matmuchrapna @floatdrop instead of building another ;)
Alexander Savin
Sep 16 2014 15:37 UTC
@mursya I didn't say that it's bad.
@matmuchrapna and @floatdrop, as I can see, are trying to build something more simple and attractive for newbies than, and I think that it's a great idea to have several sites about BEM, each with it's own aims, instead of one big.
Vsevolod Strukchinsky
Sep 16 2014 15:52 UTC
thanks, @apsavin — I could not have said better myself :dog:
Sergey Berezhnoy
Sep 16 2014 16:53 UTC
@apsavin @floatdrop I really hope we gonna get many good sites instead of bad one — not many underdeveloped instead of densely developed one (on the contrary)