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Dec 2014
Tim Navrotskyy
Dec 03 2014 00:04
@mursya the meetup had an audience of only ~20 devs, so no big deal actually. Here are the slides: would be great if you could take a look and point out any mistakes before publishing. Feel free to contact me via email (see PM). I also speak russian.
Alexej Yaroshevich
Dec 03 2014 10:12

@dypsilon ENB is not so much faster, maybe 1.2x. But with configuration in one file and another tech format.
There are other libraries like bem-grid/bem-content/etc.

Nice bad parts list! :palm_tree: Some points can be easily solved.

Tim Navrotskyy
Dec 03 2014 10:34
@zxqfox thanks for the info, fixed it.
Yelena Jetpyspayeva
Dec 03 2014 15:53
First #b_ #hackathon and first results — our doc team leaded by Inna Belaya