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Feb 2015
Mauro Trigo
Feb 21 2015 20:01
Hi there, I'm totally new with BEM, its concepts seem to be very useful, I actually want to start using them, but I also want to combine them with a library like Bootstrap, which we use for many of our products. Does anyone here have experience doing that?
Alexej Yaroshevich
Feb 21 2015 20:03
One day bootstrap will be refactored using BEM. I believe.
Alexander Savin
Feb 21 2015 21:12

Hi @maurotrigo, it's pretty easy with some CSS preprocessor, something like this:

.my-awesome-bem-flavored-button { // absolute independent block
    @extend .btn; // based on some useful stuff from Bootstrap.

see also:
and, may be:

Mauro Trigo
Feb 21 2015 21:17
@apsavin thanks a lot! I'll check these out!