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Feb 2015
Yelena Jetpyspayeva
Feb 25 2015 12:49
Guys, even more awesome news from us! Our beloved (main source for any BEM related information from BEM developers) now has a forum where we all can communicate, help each other and leave the history of answers labeled with topics for our followers! We wrote a piece on what it has here To login you need nothing but a github login which I believe all of you have already ;) Forum lives here Please, try it out and use it if you have any questions to us or the community! P.S. We launched Russian version in August 2014, and now we have about 40 posts per month, a lot of people communicating and sharing their experience and stories! Its really amazing and inspiring along with very practical reasons! BEM team will monitor the forum and answer your question asap. We also would like to know who you are and listen to your stories of development with BEM and its life in the wild nature ;) It will allows us helping you more! Good luck and see you there!!
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