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Nov 2017
Nov 30 2017 05:54
Hi Mahmoud, I was using your idea to implement the same game at my end as part of my project work. I am very new to nodejs socketio handlebars Mongo DB, everything you've used in short! although I am familiar with concepts of socket programming. I will need your advice on an issue that I am facing at my end. In your game you generate a URL+Token which a player needs to share with a second player, if the second player joins the game by clicking the URL then the game starts. I am trying to get this to work a different way such that , when new games are created, I would want the game room URLs to be available to all users logged into the website so they can choose a room URL to join.
Meaning it should be like a lobby with all the game URL's available to all the users logged in. I will just need some advice on how to go about this
Could you please help me with this?