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Repo info
    Mahmoud Ben Hassine
    Hi there!
    You can see a live demo of chesshub.io here: http://chesshub-benas.rhcloud.com/
    your feedback is welcome :smile:
    Roozbeh Baabakaan
    i am trying to build real time many room 2 player game
    is it possible to use https://github.com/benas/gamehub.io ?
    can i extend it in future ?
    Mahmoud Ben Hassine
    the current implementation allows you to have multiple rooms with 2 players in each room
    Do not hesitate to ask me if you need support :-)
    I build on my server, but has problem with socket. It connect to localhost
    where I can config this
    Mahmoud Ben Hassine
    Hi @boxstore ,
    Sorry for the late reply. This is already recorded as an enhancement here:
    The host and port should be configurable (and not hardcoded)
    I'll try to fix that asap.
    everybody here
    Mahmoud Ben Hassine
    Hi @Cuong12
    Mahmoud Ben Hassine
    How can I help?
    hello all
    Mahmoud Ben Hassine
    Hi @seanohue
    Hi Mahmoud, I really appreciate the work you put into gamehub.io, it's been a wonderful case study for a multiplayer project that I've been working on. I was wondering if you have any plans on updating it in the near future? I ran into some problems with elasticsearch and mongodb, which I think had to do with the new versions. Thanks again for your generosity :)
    Mahmoud Ben Hassine
    Hi @nmord-wuche
    Sorry for the late reply, I was off for a few days
    Yes, I have a plan to update gamehub technologies to the latest version, but not sure if it will be done in the near future
    I have a very little free time and I'll do my best
    My goal is to provide a docker swarm config to get the server up and running in one command
    Mahmoud Ben Hassine
    After that, I can be sure the are no more version problems and all the stack is working as expected everywhere :-)
    Hi Mahmoud, I was using your idea to implement the same game at my end as part of my project work. I am very new to nodejs socketio handlebars Mongo DB, everything you've used in short! although I am familiar with concepts of socket programming. I will need your advice on an issue that I am facing at my end. In your game you generate a URL+Token which a player needs to share with a second player, if the second player joins the game by clicking the URL then the game starts. I am trying to get this to work a different way such that , when new games are created, I would want the game room URLs to be available to all users logged into the website so they can choose a room URL to join.
    Meaning it should be like a lobby with all the game URL's available to all the users logged in. I will just need some advice on how to go about this
    Could you please help me with this?