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Apr 2016
Jacky Yang
Apr 07 2016 15:32
hi, @beniz , when I opened the model.json of gender, it showed that the nclasses = 114, is it correct?
{"model": {"templates": "../templates/caffe/", "repository": "/media/data/datase
ts/imagenet/models/male_female/"}, "type": "supervised", "description": "imagene
t classifier", "parameters": {"input": {"connector": "image", "width": 224, "hei
ght": 224}, "mllib": {"finetuning": true, "rotate": false, "template": "googlene
t", "weights": "bvlc_googlenet.caffemodel", "nclasses": 114, "mirror": true}, "o
utput": {}}, "mllib": "caffe"}
Emmanuel Benazera
Apr 07 2016 15:51
No it s 2 classes