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Jun 2016
Jun 20 2016 12:30
i followed the tutorial in elasticsearch for setting up from the docker image...when i try the python client it is giving me an error like this :
{u'status': {u'msg': u'InternalError', u'dd_msg': u'src/caffe/data_transformer.cpp:177 / Check failed (custom): (datum_height) == (height)', u'code': 500, u'dd_code': 1007}}
Here is my code:
from dd_client import DD
dd = DD('localhost')
mllib = 'caffe'
data = ['']
parameters_input = {'id':'id','separator':',',scale:True}
parameters_mllib = {'gpu':True}
parameters_output = {"best":3,"template":"{ {{#body}}{{#predictions}} \"uri\":\"{{uri}}\",\"categories\": [ {{#classes}} { \"category\":\"{{cat}}\",\"score\":{{prob}} } {{^last}},{{/last}}{{/classes}} ] {{/predictions}}{{/body}} }","network":{"url":"http://localhost:9200/images/img","http_method":"POST"}}
predict_output = dd.post_predict('imageserv',data,parameters_input,parameters_mllib,parameters_output)
what could be wrong? Please help me as I cannot figure out what is wrong here...Thanks
Emmanuel Benazera
Jun 20 2016 12:35
@nelalx parameters_input={'height':224,'weight':224} obviously your are not correctly following the tutorial as your python code contains parameters that are for processing CSV inputs ?
Jun 20 2016 12:37
thanks so much for the pointer...@beniz
let me try
Jun 20 2016 18:10
@beniz i get this error now.. {u'status': {u'msg': u'Not Found', u'dd_msg': u'Output Connector Network Error', u'code': 404, u'dd_code': 1009}}...
Emmanuel Benazera
Jun 20 2016 18:11
Study the tutorial and examples carefully, check your connector parameters