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Aug 2016
Tapabrata Ghosh
Aug 29 2016 17:51
Does DeepDetect work with CUDA 8.0?
Emmanuel Benazera
Aug 29 2016 18:12
some people have reported that it does
my own experience is a nightmare setting up the proper drivers up along with cuda 8. No issue with DD that I know.
If you are using gcc5 there's an unmerged patch for our version of Caffe, ping me if you need it.
Tapabrata Ghosh
Aug 29 2016 19:50
So as long as I've got CUDA 8 running DD should work right?
BTW I agree, it's a nightmare setting up cuda 8
i think i figured it out for ubunutu 14.04 lts
you have to reinstall the display driver afterwards
and you also need to downgrade the kernel to 3.13
Emmanuel Benazera
Aug 29 2016 19:52
look, I be lost part if the day trying to set it up with one hand ok a remote machine. If you can share the steps, that'd be useful, like in a gist...
damn autocorrect... I ve lost part of the day setting cuda 8 on a remote machine ...
Nvidia driver 367 and 370 were conflicting with cuda 8 somehow. So I'm really interested ;)