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Dec 2016
W. L.
Dec 20 2016 08:45
@marcreichman I'm running the docker container
Emmanuel Benazera
Dec 20 2016 08:56
@wardloockx hi, share your full list of calls and server output in a gist, and tell us what OS you are running docker from
Marc Reichman
Dec 20 2016 14:34
@wardloockx if you're running on centos/rhel, or amazon linux which is based on that, they typically run docker on a backing filesystem of xfs, which would have to be changed to ext4. See beniz/deepdetect#119 about setting --storage-opt dm.fs=ext4 for dockerd
Emmanuel Benazera
Dec 20 2016 15:00
Thanks, didn't know amazon linux was relying on CentOS
Tapabrata Ghosh
Dec 20 2016 22:45
So for calling the API, do I just send the image as a base 64?
Is there any example for this? Thanks in advance
as in
a base64 for json
data= [SOMEBASE64]
Thanks in advance