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Feb 2017
Feb 22 2017 20:23
@beniz thank you very much for your help. I think they should be reachable. If I use just the folder name, it has python --index ./ilsvrc12/n01494475/ --index-batch-size 64
0/923Traceback (most recent call last):
File "", line 78, in <module>
for p in classif['body']['predictions']:
KeyError: 'body'
if I use the wildcard, it will have
python --index ./ilsvrc12/n01494475/*.jpg --index-batch-size 64
usage: [-h] [--index INDEX] [--index-batch-size INDEX_BATCH_SIZE]
[--search SEARCH] [--search-size SEARCH_SIZE] error: unrecognized arguments: ./ilsvrc12/n01494475/n01494475_10026.jpg