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Apr 2017
Apr 05 2017 21:49
@beniz I'm trying out the pre-trained openimages-inceptionv3 model ( Is this simply the model checkpoint discussed here but adapted for use with DD? If so, and this may be a stretch without knowing if the original checkpoint had been changed between then and now, do you have any ideas as to why the confidences shown here are significantly different from those I get from DD? Just trying to determine if somethings off or if this is to be expected.
animal: 0.25574803352355957
fauna: 0.17656546831130981
mammal: 0.12311390042304993
wildlife: 0.12224547564983368
vertebrate: 0.07816784083843231
grass: 0.014900168403983116
pasture: 0.011792576871812344
prairie: 0.011496784165501595
grassland: 0.010585609823465347
meadow: 0.006277795415371656
Apr 05 2017 22:10
I know the OpenImages maintainer mentioned the need to calibrate the output as rare labels or whatnot will have very low confidences - I wasn't sure if the model used in DD was modified at all from the original pre-trained model in the respect.