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Oct 2017
Marc Reichman
Oct 10 2017 12:58
hi @beniz, i just had a question or two:
  1. is there any difference in efficiency/storage if i use a local file or a URL for classification inputs? e.g. does the local file get read directly or a copy is made, and/or does the URL version stay in memory or get spooled to disk somewhere?
  2. is there any real benefit/difference to using batches when doing strictly cpu-only classifications? i know you've said with GPU work that batches are loaded into GPU memory as a whole, but I didn't know if there was any tangible benefit to batching requests in CPU-only modes.
Emmanuel Benazera
Oct 10 2017 22:14
Hi, 1- local file might be faster, no copy in all cases. 2- there should, for you to try and measure, there's a file.