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Dec 2017
Dec 12 2017 00:01
not terribly much to be honest
Dec 12 2017 00:41
ohh okay thanks a lot! @rperdon @cchadowitz-pf
Dec 12 2017 04:39

Hello everyone, I'm trying out the demo of the imagedetect service. I have the service running perfectly on the deepdetect server.
I also set up the UI as mentioned in the post.

I have my own public ip available on which I'm trying to host the demo service

curl -X GET ""
CLI Output
{"status":{"code":200,"msg":"OK"},"head":{"method":"/info","version":"0.1","branch":"master","commit":"ab7bae2b9a0b994efeb95be4aa836385beccd6f8","services":[{"mllib":"caffe","description":"COSMOS: image classification service","name":"cosmos_2"},{"mllib":"caffe","description":"COSMOS: image classification service","name":"cosmos"}]}}
 curl -X GET ""
{"status":{"code":200,"msg":"OK"},"body":{"jobs":[],"mllib":"caffe","description":"COSMOS: image classification service","name":"cosmos"}}
Server Output
INFO - 10:04:24 - Tue Dec 12 10:04:24 2017 IST - "GET /info" 200 0

INFO - 10:05:04 - Tue Dec 12 10:05:04 2017 IST - "GET /services/cosmos" 200 0
However, when I try to load the webpage I get the following error on the server
ERROR - 10:06:29 - Unknown Service=api

ERROR - 10:06:29 - Tue Dec 12 10:06:29 2017 IST - "GET /api/info"
Also while looking at the source code output in google chrome
jquery.js:8630 GET 404 ()
and it's pointing towards unavailable resource error
xhr.send( options.hasContent && || null );

Here's the NginX configuration file gist

I've replaced the website name and the certificate and key with XXXXXXXXX,

Emmanuel Benazera
Dec 12 2017 05:13
Hi, we can't help you debug your webserver configuration, but make sure you have the right proxy_pass correctly set.
Dec 12 2017 07:11
okay Thank you!