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Aug 2018
Aug 24 2018 13:01
@beniz Thanks for the answer.
Another question when I want to make prediction for an image model. I put images in a folder however there might some over images files that are not images), I seed that it fails because it can not resize an object that is not an image. However when I train and make the lmdb those files are ignored, is there any way to do the same thing for prediction (ignore the files that are not images) directly with DD. Or do you plan on implementing it?
Emmanuel Benazera
Aug 24 2018 13:04
Hi, we don't ignore anything on predict, as a rule. We do on training because of the data volume. It is up to you to exclude these files. Another reason is that we don't want to return success/fail status per prediction samples, and keep that status at the API call level.
Aug 24 2018 13:06
The issue is that I want to make a prediction on a heavy folder (a bit complicating). Still, I can transform it to lmdb and make a prediction on it