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Repo info
    hi, just installed this and it looks really great! only seems to be finding my mp3s though... do i need to do something to make it see ogg vorbis files? (or .opus perhaps?)
    R. Beltran
    hello, nice project btw, do you provide some direct way of forcing a domain name in the http server? I've tried using bouncy as bridge and it worked for static files but websocket didn't work
    Benjamin Kaiser
    @Theadd I use nginx as a proxy, running the app on a seperate port (e.g. the default 2000) and then redirecting the domain (or subdomain) through to that port. But I have to add a hack so that the websocket connection doesn't go over port 80, because websockets don't work on port 80, so I point the websocket directly to the port it's running on.
    R. Beltran
    @benkaiser thanks! I'll try later with apache2 instead. So, Instead of forcing a domain name in the incoming requests to the app you just blocked all external traffic to the port in which the app is listening to, only allowing the traffic through your nginx proxy which is bound to a domain name. Good one! =)
    I know it's unrelated, but I love Social Club! Great guys :)
    Hi, How does it works whenever i delete song from the playlist,it should update the other suser which are connected to the same web application.