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Repo info
    Godo job for developers emulator.in 6 ir a year seem that all games can to be gameplay or playable
    I refer 6 months or a year mayoritarian xbox360 games would be gameplay or playables
    Tanvir Ahmed
    Why doesn't Ben still part time improve the emulator? Heard he works at Google now
    I think found a bug in emulator.cc on line 112 has this std::unique_ptr<xe::cpu::backend::Backend> backend;
    and 113 has if (!backend) {
    Why should be check the value of the smart pointer if we haven’t placed anything there. This check is redundant and it should be removed. Or this is a logical error (a wrong variable is checked) and it should be fixed.
    Tanvir Ahmed
    Is this even an active branch? @tmccaff post your query to Dr.Chat over on the forums