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Oct 2016
Oct 05 2016 03:08
Would it be wise to use this in a separate thread in rails(via suckerpunch gem) to mirror the physics of a websocket game where the client is also using chipmunk ?
Oct 05 2016 03:17
@beoran or @shawn42 Would love to know your thoughts since you prob know it best
Oct 05 2016 04:14
Hi all. Unfortunately this gem is now unmaintained since I lack time and lost interest in Chipmunk. If it works as is for you then you
... then yiCan use it but
Then you can use it but bugs and missing features you will have to fix yourself
Shawn Anderson
Oct 05 2016 04:37
hi @code-matt my guess is that you'd end up with slightly different answers in the client and server, floats / archs / OSs / etc
Oct 05 2016 17:34
Ah, I did not think of that. If its very slight, I should be able to give the clients some slight leeway between their state and the servers .
@shawn42 thanks!